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"...Inspiration, Creativity and the best sounds!..."


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Who am I? Or rather, who are you?

I find it important to know who you are and what you are looking for.
So, who are you? What are you looking for?

A guitarist likely? A musician? Certainly!
I think someone who loves good sounds and who is constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas for new sounds.
Am I right?? Then you came to the right place :-)
That is what it's all about at!
 "...Inspiration, creativity and the best sounds!..."
In the shop you will find the right tools to create your own unique sounds.
It doesn’t really matter if you’re an amateur, professional, beginner or advanced player, eventually you want the sound to set you apart from the rest.
So, do you still want to know who I am?
My name is Arnold van der Veen, the photo below...  that’s me!
I am the owner of
I'm just like you a musician, who is always looking for new sounds.
Some of these sounds can be found in the pedals on this site.
Not everything here will appeal to you but that’s okay, that's the beauty of music isn’t it?!
Feel free to email me any questions and ideas, let know who you are, send a picture of your gear and tell me what’s on it. 
We'll put your picture on the site (show-your-gear). for you and other customers to enjoy and talk about.
Because musicians and gear.. we can’t stop talking about it :-)
Please take a look around, get inspired and make a difference!
Arnold van der Veen